About Us

We are experts on the development of new and improved materials, products and related services in the areas of:

Functional technologies for biocomposites
High advanced & tailor-made materials
Innovative Biobased additives

Who we are

We are a spin-off company, formed by a team with more than 20 years of experience in the development of high advanced materials for multi-sectorial applications.




Reports of the latest news

BlockPLA improves biodegradable materials’ properties

BlockPLA improves biodegradable materials’ properties

The market is subject to constant changes. The demand of more and more personalized, lasting products, adapted to the frantic rhythm of current life and with a very high rotation due to the requirements of the society, are a fact. In this context, the differentiation of the materials takes...

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Our Team

Our products are built with the hard work of our amazing team.

Ms. Susana Aucejo

Ms. Susana Aucejo

Innovation Manager

Ms. Miriam Gallur

Ms. Miriam Gallur

Technical Manager