BlockPLA improves biodegradable materials’ properties

Posted on Mar 1, 2016

The market is subject to constant changes. The demand of more and more personalized, lasting products, adapted to the frantic rhythm of current life and with a very high rotation due to the requirements of the society, are a fact.

In this context, the differentiation of the materials takes every time a major dimension to increase the properties of the product and to reduce the environmental impact. For this, the environmental sustainability stands out across the biodegradability of the used materials, the durability, the lightness or the transport optimization.

ADBIOCOMPOSITES is framed in this context. A spin-off company, led by a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the development of tailored advanced materials for packaging applications, plastics, chemicals, biomedicine, drugstore, automotive or construction, among others.

To achieve it, the company is focused on the development of advanced materials development to satisfy the needs of every client across new bioadditives with specific properties, fundamentally on a so used material nowadays like the PLA (polylactic acid). These new high-tech modified materials, with bioadditives of renewable origin, are applied to fields like the packaging, promoting aspects like the harmlessness for the food, the biodegradability or the resistance.

To satisfy this need, AD BIOCOMPOSITES offers to all customers BlockPLA, a new technology that improves the properties of the PLA without losing characteristics so excellent as the transparency or the flexibility thanks to the incorporation of an innovative di-block polymer.

In short, as main advantages, BLockPLA offers a major flexibility, transparency and the creation of an oxygen barrier. Also outstanding are its biodegradable and biocompatible capacities. Additionally, it stands out for fulfil with the European legislation on materials in contact with food.

Properties all of them that provides a high added value in applications of packaging thanks to the new technology BlockPLA.

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