Materials to pack products in a more sustainable and environmentally responsible way.

Envacell lets you create tridimensional structures based on cellulose through thermoforming by adjusting processing and formulation of pulps.

With Envacell, you can obtain innovate materials applied to:

  • Readily thermoformable containers mainly composed of cellulose (up to 90% in weight), with a blend based in polylactic acid (PLA) to achieve required barrier values, and other layers providing other properties, e.g. sealing.
  • Whole sustainable solution that will maintain the freshness of any product and assure its food contact safety

Main Advantages:

  • Bio-based product, neutral in terms of greenhouse gas and leaves a smaller ecological footprint
  • Improve your efficiency by reducing the environmental impact.
  • Create new range of products combining new packaging concepts with value added, high quality food products.
  • Obtain a cost-effective solution as biodegradable materials